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Gabe has changed my life. I never realized that acupuncture could be so incredibly helpful. After one year of treatment, my liver readings are normal. I am off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications as well. Thank you Gabe for helping me. - Tracy B

"I suffered through many months of bilateral shoulder pain from bursitis and underwent 8 weeks of physical therapy with no relief. After only 2 acupuncture treatments, I noticed a significant pain reduction, and after 2 more treatments, I was pain free and have remained that way ever since!" -Sandra M.

"After decades of lower back pain and highly addictive prescription drugs, I am thrilled to say that after only six acupuncture treatments my pain levels have dramatically decreased and I am medication free! I am continuing with further treatment and have actually experienced totally pain free days for the first time in so many years that I wholeheartedly wish I had tried acupuncture years ago!" -Tim B

"I was convinced that my chronic knee pain would never get better. But after a few visits to Oceanpoint I can now go up and down stairs almost pain free! Thanks Gabe!" -Ben L

"Recently I had ACL surgery on my knee. I cannot take pain meds because they make me sick. Acupuncture reduced my pain by 80% after every session. After only 2 weeks I didn't even need ibuprofen!" -Jolene D

"After years of suffering foot pain I decided to try acupuncture because of a recommendation of a friend who had been to Oceanpoint. After a few sessions with Gabe my pain was considerably less and now I am happy to say that the pain is finally gone."
Flora W

"I have had low back pain for over 6 years and have tried every therapy. After only 4 sessions at Oceanpoint my pain is almost entirely gone!" - Sam T

"I have always gotten some sort of small cramp in my right ovary during ovulation. One day, the pain was so unbearable that I could barely walk. I called Gabe after hours on a Sunday and he saw me within the hour. After a short treatment my pain was completely gone and has not returned since, almost one year later." - Autumn A

"For the past 10 years I have experienced seasonal allergies, which is why I visited Gabe. I knew I was in good hands during the initial interview, as he asked detailed questions relating to my symptoms, diet and lifestyle. After a few acupuncture treatments and agreeing to follow his advice, I have noticed many improvements in my symptoms!" -Lynda W

"I sought out acupuncture after many months of dizziness and stomach pains. I went through test after test and Western medicine doctors couldn't figure out was wrong with me. Acupuncture with Gabe saved me in more ways than one. I began to have days without dizziness and after each treatment I felt so much better. I absolutely recommend Gabe to everyone I know." - Becky K

"When I first came to see Gabe my digestion was so out of balance it had begun to effect my quality of life. I responded very well to his herbal recommendations and I have suggested many friends to his practice. I consistently get treatments with Gabriel because he is reliable, professional and truly helps me to live my life to its fullest. ~ Thank you Gabe!"
-Natalie F

"This was a fantastic medical experience. Thoughtful and intelligent! I met a vital part of my wellness and self-care team!"
Megan F

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